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When couples are getting a divorce, there is a lot for them to handle.

Not only are they in an emotional rollercoaster, but next to the emotions there are several legal and fiscal matters to consider. No wonder they might get lost in the process.

Scheiden in Utrecht is a mediation practice owned by Michelle van Bommel and Evelien van Elst. Two very experienced and above all committed mediators.

Divorce in The Netherlands

Scheiden in Utrecht can assist couples that need help with the dissolution of their international marriage or couples that simply prefer an English language professional instead of a Dutch.

During the mediation negotiations, we will discuss all financial and fiscal aspects of your divorce. We will arrange your divorce in accordance with Dutch (family) law and regulations. Of course, we will also address the emotional aspects of your divorce and most important the parent plan.

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Divorce agreement

If you are both in agreement about the terms and conditions of your divorce, we will draft and finalize the official documents and handle the divorce petition.

Parent plan

For children younger than 18 years, Dutch family law prescribes that parents need to draft a parent plan. The plan contains stipulations about co-parenting and child alimony. 

During the mediation appointments we will assist couples with making decisions in the best interest of their children after their divorce.

Want to learn more about our services?

Feel free to contact us to schedule a first appointment.

During this initial appointment, we will explain the divorce process and of course there is plenty of opportunity to address all questions or concerns you might have. 

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